Intuitive Interaction


Visuotouch is a freestanding VR/AR solution well suited for enterprise 3D design and data exploration work.

The system’s open, free-standing design makes it appropriate for professional and educational settings. Coworkers or trainers may easily follow along, and there are no issues with fatigue from head-mounted equipment. Hardware is in the initial prototype stage.

3D virtual content is presented with correct perspective. Graphics display at the proper focal distance to avoid vergence-accommodation mismatch and ensure comfortable, long-term use.


DisplayDual 2560×1440 IPS LCDs (one full display / eye), 75hz refresh rate
Viewpoint TrackingIR illuminated, passive marker-based, 75hz refresh
Gesture TrackingHand and fingers at 120 fps, 150 x 120° field of view, 80cm range
System RequirementsMid-tier or higher PC with dedicated graphics card.

Gesture and viewpoint tracking systems allow the user to reach out, inspect and and interact with virtual objects as if they were actually there. Objects can be shown at true-to-life scale.

Medical applications include surgical planning, virtual surgery, and training.

VisuoTouch is a flexible solution well-suited to industry and education for most creative and analytical 3D work.

With its breakthrough, industry-focused design, Visuotouch is ready to vastly improve productivity for 3D creative and analytical work.